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MX vs ATV Unleashed

MVA - A NEW Friday Night Gaming staple

For years, Friday Night Gamers have had the incessant urge to play the games from the Motocross Madness series.

Alas, after Motocross Madness 2's release, THQ bought Rainbow Studios and the PC Motocross community was left out-to-dry because Rainbow Studios future releases were all for consoles only...

FNG carried on with the fine traditions of Motocross Madness 2 until Mid-January 2006, when Rainbow finally released another PC game... a port from their successful "MX vs ATV Unleashed" game on the Xbox and Playstation 2.

Now we're bangin' bars again with the old MCM community of yester-year... it's not everything we wanted, but we're lovin' new PC Motocross action, and anxiously awaiting another PC release from Rainbow.

To add User Created Tracks to your MVA game:
Save to your [base MVA Dir]\data\UserTracks folder
(Default: C:\Program Files\THQ\MX vs ATV Unleashed\data\UserTracks)


How can I play MVA on GameSpy behind NAT/Router/Firewall? Which ports do I need forwarded?

You are required to have Ports 1000 and 7001 forwarded to play MVA on GameSpy.

How do I pull a BackFlip or 360°?

Backflip: Hold the stunt modifier button and do a reverse springload. (Press forward at the base of the jump, and jam it forward at the top of the jump.) Press another stunt button when pulling a backflip to do a backflip with a combo stunt.

360°: Hold the stunt modifier button and quickly press left-right or right-left on your steering control at the top of the jump. Press another stunt button when pulling a 360° to do a 360° with a combo stunt.

High Scores


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