Team FNG

ShootMania Launch Party

The Friday Night Gamers were invited by Ubisoft to participate in the epic Launch Night Party for ShootMania: Storm, Nadeo's newest installmaent in the ManiaPlanet franchise. The party took place on the evening of 10 April 2013, from 5:00pm - 10:00pm Pacific time zone.

Hosted on a Wednesday night, we had as large a crew show up for the LAN party as any weekend one. The party was highlighted on the Frag Dolls stream on, showing off our custom TeamFNG_Royal mode.

The mode sports the old-school Royal as we knew it before Beta 2 was released. The difference between the released version of Royal is that our rail guns are one-hit eliminations, and the offzone (scary tornado that closes in on the pole after it is activated) comes in closer to the pole. We have also set the point limit by default to 150 points. This has worked better for us in our 16-player server.

We had an incredible time playing ShootMania, trying out an awesome new map made by SpeedMonger and enjoying some tasty Cold Stone ice cream cake, made from ingredients in the Founder's Favorite signature creation (see the pictures below.)

Relive the experience with Team FNG as you check out our pictures of this historic event. We are grateful to all of the wonderful people at Nadeo, Ubisoft, Frag Dolls,, and Cold Stone Creamery for including us in the launch of ShootMania Storm and making it such an awesome event for the Friday Night Gamers!

(You may click on any of the images below to see it in its original size.)

ShootMania Storm ice cream cake by Cold Stone Creamery South Jordan, Utah
ThatOneGuy celebrates a victory (rare tonight) with a resounding "WOOOO!!!"
SpeedMonger intensely focused
... So much so that he physically dodges a virtual rocket ...
SpeedMonger, Ender, BigBadMrT (near to far) with Atholon hidden in the back.
Ender enjoys some taunting after his latest pwn. BigBadMrT grins as he goes to eliminate Ender while he's distracted.
MadManWithABox and Shartke handle some networking glitches while the rest of the Friday Night Gamers play. We enjoyed the Frag Dolls stream throughout the party.
"Too much static electricity in the room... It keeps knocking out the network ports! I need more power, Captain!"
Atholon ... who incidentally was trying hard to avoid the camera ... calls for his lovely wife Kris10 to join the fun.
ThatOneGuy sends a LOL and "+1 horn" to SpeedMonger through the in-game chat after SpeedMonger wins the round and reminds everyone with his My Little Pony "GASP!" horn.
Shartke can pwn you one-handed ...
... or without a mouse, take your pick.
The crew is all here! Thundr joined the LAN after playing online first. (closest to the projection screen; right-side of the room)
dGamefather (red) and MinecraftManiac (blue) also joined the party late. (backs to the camera)
PewDrew showing off the blue team ShootMania Storm T-shirts
FNG Twins Sibling Rivalry at its finest (blue vs red) (PewDrew vs Firecracker) TwinkleToes pokes her head out from behind.
TwinkleToes gives PewDrew some bunny ears
PewDrew reciprocates
Firecracker pulls a cheesy grin for the camera while touching Mario to his nose. I hear it increases your wall jumping skills in ShootMania. Your mileage may vary.