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FNG's Fourth Annual Turkey Bowl (was supposed to be 2006) - 02 February 2007

Motocross Madness 2

The Players

Tyler Beuchert (Beuchety)
Jeff Litster (That One Guy)
Dan Wetzel (Tsam)
Posted By: That One Guy

Pre-Game Show

After being postponed twice in 2006, we finally held the 2006 Turkey Bowl on Groundhog Day 2007.

Beuchety and That One Guy started racing to make sure Beuchety's connection would work without a hitch and get a few practice runs in while waiting for the other competitors. Tsam showed up a few minutes later.

The three of us ran practice laps from 11:00pm - 11:30pm. Based on the practice runs before the tournament and the prior two practice rounds a few weeks earlier... Tsam was favored to win the competition and dethrone That One Guy as reigning Turkey Bowl champion.

Best Laps

Accelerate0:14.26That One Guy
Apache 2 Remix2:24.06Tsam
Bail Jumper1:29.50That One Guy
Bonzai Bluff1:07:04That One Guy
Bon Air SE1:59.70Tsam
Breaking Point1:50.17That One Guy
Crisis, What Crisis?1:26.06That One Guy
Fly Swatter1:17.67That One Guy
Funky Mountain2:26.95Tsam

Seven Expected - Three Competed

As with lan parties - things happen at the last minute; and we sadly had to miss four of our other riders: BigBadMrT, DanTheManBence, Thundr, and Toxic. We may have to do a rematch before Turkey Bowl 2007 (perhaps at the March Lan Party.)

We had a lot of fun playing these new tracks... Tsam unfortunately had a bad luck streak once the competition began (though he still took 4 of the Best Lap records,) and Beuchety was trying the tracks for his first time during the tourney; so we'll definitely need to see what happens if we get to have a rematch tournament.

For now the FNG Turkey Bowl crown stays with That One Guy. Congrats to all the riders -- we played well.

Check out the Replays

Final Standings


20 pts for first place
17 pts for second place
15 pts for third place
12 pts for fourth place
10 pts for fifth place
7 pts for sixth place
5 pts for seventh place
2 pts for eighth place

Race Results

[ Track Name ] Beuchety That One Guy Tsam
Accelerate 15 20 17
Apache 2 Remix 15 20 17
Bail Jumper 15 20 17
Bonzai Bluff 15 20 17
Bon Air SE 15 20 17
Breaking Point 15 20 17
Bridge 15 20 17
Crisis, What Crisis? 15 20 17
Fly Swatter 15 20 17
Funky Mountain 15 20 17
HalfGrand Playground 15 20 17
Tag (Arena 2) 15 20 17
[ TOTALS ] 180 240 204